Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm a good mother....I think...

Kyra filled out this little sheet for me at school the other day. I will write it on here exactly as she did. Her answers are in italics. It's hilarious! I had to share it with you all.....


My mom's name is..... "Kim"

She is special because....... "she always get my stuff reddy for school at night."

I like it when my mom...... "send me a letter on my bord."

My mom can do many things! I think she's best at.... "doing Yoga and makeing cikin spahettie."

My mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by..... "doing my home werk by my sellf."

My mom is as pretty as a...... "flower."

My mom is smart! She even knows..... "how to put library books were they belong!"

I'd like to tell my mom..... "thank you for helping me clen."

Kyra.....May 6, 2008

***OK, now for explanations....

I DO get her stuff ready at night for the next morning so we can just grab and go. In the evenings, I let her pick out what she wears the next day.

I DO send her a letter on her board. It's the dry erase board in her room. She and I write back and forth to each other on it. She gets a kick out of it.

I guess I DO good yoga and make good chicken spaghetti! LMAO!

Kyra really DOES like doing her homework on her own and I commend her for that. She comes home, grabs a snack, sits down, and reads for 20 minutes. She knows that the TV and computer don't get used till she's done. She's NEVER complained about this either. I'm proud of her.

She thinks I'm smart because I know how to put the library books back! LMAO! I volunteer at her school library on Fridays and all I do is check books out for the kiddos and reshelve books! I just didn't know that I was a genius because of that!

And yes, I help her clean. Well, more than anything, I encourage her. Now her sister is another story. She doesn't listen to ANYTHING I say. *sigh*