Friday, June 27, 2008

Hmmmm....what have we been up to?

Well let's see.

-Kyra just got done with a week long kids' camp. It was from 9-3 every day. It was a "Heroes" Christian camp at the church preschool that Maeve attends and Kyra attended. They had a blast. Maeve's former preschool teacher was Kyra's camp teacher. So there was a lot of familiarity. They have a camp "reunion" on Sunday at the 10:45 service. Should be fun!

-Today was our 10 year anniversary. I got Richard a sweet card and the 1st season of "King of the Hill" on DVD. How redneck is that? ;)

-There is almost NOTHING to watch this summer on TV, but two shows that always seem to reel me in are "America's Best Dance Crew" on MTV and "She's Got The Look" on TV Land. Yeah I know. I'm lame. But I think these shows stand out from all of the other ones. Too bad they probably won't last. :(

-I was sick TWICE in a week with stomach issues related to an intolerance to cream cheese. No more for me. I eat that stuff and get sick. That's the bottom line. It sucks. However, all other dairy doesn't seem to phase me at all. Well, except for ice cream. Again, THAT sucks.

-It's HOT. I seriously contemplated driving somewhere today where it might be raining. I miss the rain. We need it. BAD.

-Richard bought Kyra a Nintendo DS and the kids are OBSESSED with it. They play with it and fight over it. ALL.DAY.LONG.

-I can't believe that it's almost July. Where did June go? I'm kind of sad about that. I'm having so much fun this summer. I love being lazy. However, FNL starts taping again in late July/early August and I'm TOTALLY looking forward to that! Eye candy comes back! Woot!

-Our church across the street is having a Fiesta this weekend and the dogs are going nuts outside. I'm sure that this will be annoying by the end of the weekend.

-I really need to seriously learn Body Flow. It finally arrived this week and it's amazing. OMG. I had every intention of doing it today, but didn't get around to it. Plus, I was so tired. So I skipped working out today. I really needed it.

-My husband's HUGE outboard motor for his boat arrived today. It took 2 men and a pick-up truck to go get it and 3 men to unload the damn crate off of the truck. I'm SOOOOO not looking forward to that project.

-I think my nice HOT shower is waiting for me, so I'll see y'all later! ;)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Summer!

Since I haven't updated in a while, I'll bullet this post.

-It's SUMMER! We have no set plans except to relax and have fun. The damn gas prices are so high, so there will be a lot of hanging out at home. My plan is to only go into town to the gyms 3 times a week and since I only teach two of those days, there will be lots of working out at home. I'll have to get up earlier and run since it's so hot.

-Speaking of hot, this heat is just awful. Does the sun seem so much brighter to all of you? Or is it just my eyes? Global warming is here. Ugh.

-Kyra did great in 1st grade and she's a reading fiend this summer! She's already read like 5 chapter books in a week's time! Ack! I love it though. The library has a summer reading program and we are keeping logs for that. Kyra is also going to a church day camp at the end of the month. Guess who her teacher is going to be? Maeve's preschool teacher! Kyra is stoked about that! She'll have a blast!

-Maeve is Miss Chatterbox. She's at it all day long. I don't remember Kyra talking this much. I think Maeve just has so much more to say since she has a sister. The girls play pretty well together. They have their spats, but they aren't too bad.

-We spent last weekend at Coleto in Victoria. Richard took the boat and he and Kyra and all of his family camped out there on Sunday night. Maeve and I drove back into town and stayed at Papoo's. But we all got ample boat time and had so much fun. Richard COULD NOT knock Kyra off of the tube. That child just stayed right on. She jumped into the lake just to see what it feels like! LOL!

-I really want to paint our dining room and kitchen this summer. They will be similar will be a shade darker and one a shade lighter. We'll see if I get around to that.

-There are lots of baby showers going on this summer for my sister. So we'll be busy with those. I can't wait. I'm so excited to meet my nephew in September!

-I miss Bri. Bri, come back! ;)

-I also miss Taylor Kitsch. Taylor, come back! SOON! (BTW, he should be back in Austin in July. Hopefully, I'll see him at the gym. Eye candy baby!)

-And thanks to Jen for being there for me yet again with my latest ordeal. It's wonderful to have a friend who totally understands me....and doesn't judge me either. Love you girl!

-I'm on book 3 of Stephenie Meyer's series. It's called "Eclipse". "Twilight" (the first book) comes out as a movie in December. And the 4th book in her series, "Breaking Dawn" comes out in August. I went to Borders the other day and you can already reserve your copy. Craziness!

-I think I'm going to do more Body Flow/Yoga/Pilates this summer. I enjoy it so much. I had a hardcore workout today and could tell that my thyroid had to work overtime. The gentler stuff is so much better for me physically and mentally. I was SHOCKED to see some definition in my shoulders this morning during a class. WTF? I credit Body Flow....because it never happened with anything else.

-Dogs are fine. Lazy, but fine. Zoe is calming down.....slowly. In the morning, she's the most hyper thing though and it grates on my nerves. Ugh.

-I really want a tummy tuck. I'm thinking next summer. I'm not kidding. Guess who's been doing research on the subject? Richard! He just wants me to be happy. He said that he'd gladly pay for me to do it. It's a big decision. I'm going to give myself some time. I always thought I'd want a breast reduction, but there are ways (really!) for me to make them smaller. The tummy? Not so much. I have a friend that had a breast augmentation today. I need to check with her and see how she's doing.

I guess that's us in a nutshell. I'll try to update more often. Lord knows I'll be bored. Or will I? ;)