Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Anyone remember the Schlittercoaster at Schlitterbahn? This slide reminded me of it!

My 1st grader.....

This last pic is my favorite. She was NOT HAPPY that I snapped a pic of her in the classroom! She was "embarrassed". Oy! Is that starting already?
Her teacher has a smiley face theme. They are everywhere!
She loves 1st grade! She's so excited about this year!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Stripper pole cat fight....

This is hilarious! Always train with a reputable stripper pole instructor who can do the correct "spotting". LOL!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Boys, boys....

This is one of my favorite scenes from FNL (and there are many!). My season 1 DVD should ship this week! I'm so excited! And oh, is it October 5th yet? ;)

Well, we've jumped on the teeny bopper bandwagon....

I taped "High School Musical 2" for Kyra the other night. She finally discovered it on the DVR yesterday and she watched it 3 TIMES! I have to admit that it's very cute....cheesy, but cute. I'm convinced that it's a cross between "Grease" and "Dirty Dancing", but it's squeaky clean! Kyra loves looking at the words flash across the screen and singing with the songs. Maeve just dances around like she's the center of attention (well, isn't she? LOL!).

So today we go to Walmart for some last minute school things and Kyra BEGS me to buy her "High School Musical" (the 1st's out on DVD). I caved and bought it. Next, she wants the soundtracks to each movie.

Does it ever end?!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

To tease your brain.....

I got 13/25. Comment below and let me know how you did!

Have fun!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's nice to be noticed......

This morning, I took the kiddos to church. I usually have to teach on Sundays, so we try to hit up church on Saturday nights. But today another instructor taught my class and I'm teaching her class tomorrow. So off to church we went.

The girls were very well behaved. Maeve wanted to slip up, but I kept being persistent with the remark that if she didn't behave, we would go outside. She knew what that meant.

Kyra took her "Picture Missal" to church and followed along with all of the parts of Mass. I'm so glad that her Godmother got her that for Christmas. She loves it.

Maeve brought her Catholic book of prayers for babies along. She pointed EVERYTHING out on ALL of the pages. I kept "shhhing" her because she was a little too excited about some of the pictures.

When it was time to make the sign of peace, we shook hands with the couple behind us. The lady said, "You have some beautiful girls and they are so well behaved!" Yeah, if she only knew! LOL! They are only like that some of the time!

Then on our way out of church, we were walking to the car and the man rolled down his window and said, "You are doing a fine job with those little girls." I said, "Well, I try!" It isn't easy. But it is rewarding. And when I get a comment like that, I know that it's totally worth it. After all, I take them to church by myself. It's just what I have to do.

I'm almost thankful that daddy doesn't go because we ALL went to a Catholic baptism yesterday in downtown Austin for one of Richard's friend's little girl and the kids were horrendous with daddy around! They misbehaved (in my book) and were jumping around on him. He didn't know what to do! Yeah, hand them to me! I deal with this all the time! LOL!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Better late than never......

I took this with my camera on July 4th. I never put it on my blog because I didn't know how. Well, I figured it out! ;) ENJOY!

Monday, August 13, 2007

To get you hooked.....

I'll post these from time to time..... ;)

OK, no excuses people.....

As you can see from previous posts, I'm a huge fan of "Friday Night Lights" and I'm stoked that the show is back for a 2nd season AND shooting in Austin. All I can say is that you MUST watch season 2! I want as many people as possible to jump on the bandwagon. It's not just a show about football. It's a realistic show about small towns, families, friends, rivals, and of course, DRAMA! It's a wonderful show and I'm so upset that it didn't get more Emmy nods for some cast members....especially Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton.

Here's what you do if you want to catch up. Watch season 1 in its entirety. You can watch ALL episodes ONLINE. Go here.

Or if you want, you can buy the season 1 DVD for a VERY inexpensive $20! It comes out on August 28th. You can pre-order on Amazon here.

NO EXCUSES PEOPLE! Join me in watching the BEST SHOW on television! Season 2 starts on Friday, October 5th. The show has taken the 8pm (central time) timeslot. If you can't watch it, then DVR/Tivo it! Do whatever you have to do! ;)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

What would they do without us?

I'm convinced that husbands would be NOTHING without their wives. Why? Well, let me explain a little of what my husband does on a regular basis.

-He leaves his phone in the car. I found it today in the suburban and it was not charged. So who brought it in the house and charged it? That's right. ME.

-He loses his keys. This happens A LOT. In fact, it happens so often that I don't even get all bent out of shape over it anymore. The keys are usually found outside somewhere (scary, I know) or in his pants/jeans/shorts pocket. But who always tracks them down? That's right. ME.

-He must constantly be reminded to make an appointment. I'm talking doctor, dentist, etc. I think he thinks that I am the one that will do it for him because I know his schedule. Nope. Ain't gonna happen. This is one thing that you can do yourself. Put your big boy pants on and do it yourself. Oh, and once the appointment is made, then who do you think has to remind him of the actual appointment? That's right. ME.

-He always forgets my schedule. Dude, I do the same thing week after week. I work out on the same days. I teach on the same days. Nothing changes. I hate the question, "So what are you doing today?" Dude, you know! Who calmly tells him the same thing he heard last week on such a given day? That's right. ME.

-Me: "Have you fed the dogs this morning?"
Him: "Nope. You feed the dogs, remember?"
Oh yeah, I forgot. But wouldn't it be nice if YOU did it for once. Dude, that's a hint that I want YOU to do it. So again, who feeds the dogs? Yep, ME.

-He forgets the kids' schedule too.
On a Monday afternoon.....
Him: "Where are you going?"
Me: "To take Kyra to dancing."
Him: "She does that on Mondays?"
Ugh. So who takes her to dancing? ME! ME! ME!

I really don't know what he'd do without me. I also remember to give the dogs their heartworm pills once a month. I multi-task. I rarely write reminders down. I just remember.

Why can't he?

Oh yeah, I forgot. He's a man! ;)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The divas.....

They are coming home tomorrow! Thank goodness! I miss them!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A pee in your pants kind of day....part 2

If you follow my blog, then you might remember this post. Well since posting that, I had seen HIM at the gym downtown a time or two, but I always had just missed him. I bought the Men's Health magazine in February because he was on the cover and I thought that if I ever had a chance to meet him, then I'd get him to sign it. (And of course, I would frame it! LOL!)

"Friday Night Lights" resumed filming in Austin about a month ago. I think that they are trying to get as many episodes taped as possible because there is talk of a writer's strike happening later this year.

Well I walked into the downtown gym and saw him in the corner of the gym working out. I knew that this would probably be a once in a lifetime chance to approach him. So I got my magazine out and took my sharpie pen with me. He was doing abs (O.M.G.) and I didn't want to bother him, so I set the magazine down beside him and said, "I don't want to bother you while you're working out (yeah, too late for that!), so just sign this when you're done." I didn't want to sit there and stare (LOL!), so I walked up to the front desk. In the meantime, he hits up a stairstepper and took the magazine with him. Then I went and got it from him and thanked him and we chit chatted a little bit. I introduced myself and so did he (LMAO! Um, I KNOW who you are!). He shook my hand! We chit chatted about the gym and about this season of FNL. He said that they LOVE filming in Austin and are working on the 3rd episode right now. I couldn't believe that I was making small talk with him! OMG!

For those that want to know, he is BEAUTIFUL. His eyes are gorgeous and his face is completely clear. Like Katye said, "He's just pretty." And his voice....I love his voice. LOL! You also can totally tell that he's a fitness freak and takes very good care of his body. Dude is VERY buff.

So there you have it. I'm still in shock. I'm sure I'll wake up tomorrow and think that this was just a dream. LOL!

So in ending, I'll just scream, "OMG! I MET TAYLOR KITSCH TODAY!"

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dog observations.....

Since the kiddos are gone this week, Mia and Zoe have had a lot of "one on one" time with me. They are so hilarious! Here's some of the things that I've taken note of this week.

-Zoe is slowing down and easing out of her puppy stage. She sleeps a lot more than she used to and just sits on the sofa. She's still "ADD dog" at times though.

-The dogs actually remind me a lot of Kyra and Maeve. One minute they are all cuddled up against each other and the next moment, Zoe is chasing Mia around the house and annoying the heck out of her. Yes, it's very familiar....even with dogs. ;)

-I feed Zoe first thing in the morning. When she's done, then Mia has her turn to eat. Zoe will run in our bedroom (we feed them in different rooms) and pester Mia till I've put her food down. Then Zoe will sit there and watch Mia eat It's hilarious!

-Today, there was a guy here to buy Richard's boat (another long story, another post). Mia freaks out when strangers are around. She hears the different voice. Well, Mia stopped barking for a while and then Zoe took over! LOL! At one moment, Mia hauled butt outside in the backyard and Zoe followed. It's like Zoe is Mia's little "apprentice". So funny.

-When it's around 8 or 9pm, these dogs follow me all over the house until I start getting ready for bed. I assume that they want to cuddle. Then when we are all in bed, they settle like sardines on top of each other ON RICHARD'S SIDE OF THE BED! Um, he's at work! You can cuddle with me! Dumb dogs.

-Zoe has been frantically visiting the girls rooms pretty often this week. She knows that they are gone and that it's just not right. I think she misses them. Especially Kyra. Kyra is her bedtime buddy. When Kyra goes to bed, Zoe follows her and goes to bed with her.

***I hear that my kids are having a blast with their grandma and cousins this week. Their grandma is taking ALL 6 KIDS to a photography studio in the morning to have a portrait taken of them all together. LORD.HELP.HER.

They should be back on Friday or Saturday.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

What will I do?

My mother-in-law came on Friday evening. Today, she left and took Kyra and Maeve to Victoria. FOR A WEEK. The girls have never been away for more than a few days before. And when they are gone, I miss them like crazy! I'm going to be lost this week. I've already made lists of things that I can do! LOL!

Tonight, I went out and rented 4 movies. I've already watched one. I'll do my normal working out. I have a list of places that I need to run errands to in Austin. I might get a pedicure. On Thursday, I have a doctor's appt. and then I think I'll drive down to New Braunfels and meet a friend for lunch. We're talking about going to Gruene. So I guess technically, I won't be *that* bored. Or will I?

I'm sure I'll be climbing the walls by the end of the week. As for the girls, they probably won't return till at least Friday or Saturday. Either my mother-in-law will bring them back up here or perhaps my dad will be brave and drive them back up here himself. Kyra is not a problem for him, but he's a little nervous about Maeve. She'll be fine though! I told him to put the polka music on and she'll be a happy camper! LOL!