Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Roundup....

WOW. It's here. It's the last day of the year. Honestly, I won't sit here and say, "Where did the year go?" Because it was the longest year of my life. I'm so glad to see it go. Today the girls and I had to run to the banks and pay taxes (yuck!). Then we went to the library and I grabbed Mc D's for them and Sonic for me and we went out to the local park and parked our booties on a picnic table and ate. We just enjoyed the sunshine and unseasonably warm weather. It's supposed to get nasty and cold later tonight. I couldn't think of a better way to end the year. It's been a year filled with so many lows that I wanted to celebrate today!

Where do I begin? Well, I might as well start out positive.

Maeve turned 2 this year and I absolutely cannot believe the changes that this child has endured. She went from babbling language that we didn't understand to talking in sentences! She even sounds like Kyra now with what she says! It's amazing! It almost happened overnight too. It's like something just "clicked" in her head. She started preschool and LOVES it. Her teachers are Mrs. Sharri and Mrs. Marcy. She calls Marcy, "My Marcy". Richard's new job will pay for 1/2 of her schooling per year, so we are STOKED about that. She's learning so much out there. There are a handful of kids in her class that are potty training. We are getting there. Today, I borrowed a potty training DVD from the library. We'll see how she reacts to it. She mentioned just washing her hands. Ugh. She's missing the point! LOL! But she's a cute kiddo and is so much fun these days.

Kyra turned 6 this year. She finished out Kindergarten on a great note. Her teacher was wonderful and she made so many friends! She went to art camp this summer in the town over and loved that. She's so full of excitement over arts and crafts. She loves to draw. She loves to create. I think her last year in preschool was when this started. She had an awesome teacher that came up with all sorts of fun crafts for the kids to do. It stayed with Kyra.

Kyra also had her dance recital last summer. She did so well! She was in tap and ballet. This fall, we've added jazz to the mix, so she'll have 3 different costumes for her next recital. She loves dancing. She's made friends there as well.

Then she started 1st grade! We read all summer long, but imagine my surprise when I have a conference with her teacher and learn that she's almost reading at a 2nd grade level at the beginning of school! She loves to read. She loves school. Her teacher this year in 1st grade is wonderful too. I secretly hoped last year that she would get her and she did! She has a slew of friends and knows what class all of the kids from last year's class are in! She's so bright and fun! She keeps her daddy in line too and I LOVE that. She helps her sister. She helps me. I couldn't ask for a greater kid.

Richard went through some big changes this year. Earlier this year, a maintenance position became available where he worked. He applied for it and got it. He got a wealth of experience from the job in just a few short months. But this left him aching for more. He now was where he wanted to be, but saw no growth company-wise at where he was. So in November, he went to a job fair at Samsung. He prepared himself and got an interview THAT SAME DAY. The day before Thanksgiving, he got a call that he was hired! He started on December 17th and is still in the training process. But he loves it. He said that so many things are different up there, but it's very positive. He's working in north Austin, but doesn't seem to mind the drive. We'll see if he still feels that way when he goes on shift and back to nights! I can't wait for that! I feel so out of it with him working during the day. I miss him. I know when he works nights, he'll be sleeping during the day, but it will feel like he's home more. Oh, and he can get all of the overtime he wants at this place, so hopefully we will work ourselves out of debt this year! YAY! Mamma wants some wood floors and wants to paint! ;)

As for me, I think I learned more about myself this year than ever before. I started the year in an ER with strep throat. For a few months, I fought a horrible battle with depression. In April, I found out why. My thyroid was out of whack. So on medication I went. I sought therapy and that helped tremendously. I also was introduced to some natural progesterone cream and I'm seeing great results with that. Slowly but surely, I was becoming "me" again. My hair stopped falling out. I stopped crying on a daily basis. I had an interest in more things. Then in November, things came to a screeching halt. I had Fifth Disease and had complications from that because I'm anemic. I gained 20 lbs. of fluid. My heart rate was low. Everything checked out fine though and the virus just had to run its course. I feel so much better now. But being so sick caused me to take a look at my life and realize that I needed a break. So, I took a month off of teaching. I worked out when I wanted to. I enjoyed the holidays and my kiddos more. It was so good for me.

I've learned to listen to what my body is telling me. If I can lay down, then I do. I don't force myself to take on things that I don't want to do. With my depression, I take it one day at a time. If I have a rough few days, then I always remind myself that this too shall pass and I'll feel better soon. And I do. I've learned to take signals from my body and go to the doctor instead of ignoring whatever is bothering me. I've learned to go and sit out in the sun for short periods and enjoy it. It really does wonders for your mood. I've learned that my house will be a mess. I have two small kids. It'll get cleaned up one day. But for now, I need to sit back and enjoy them! I'll get my house the way I want it one day!

The highlight of my year occurred on August 8th (yes, I remember the date because that's my niece's birthday). I saw Taylor Kitsch at the gym that I teach at and had my magazine with him on the cover with me. I actually got up the courage to go up to him and ask for an autograph. We chit-chatted for a bit. OMG! I have the BIGGEST (*coughobsessioncough*) crush on him. He's a gorgeous human being. I have the signed cover of the magazine framed and it's on my nightstand. LOL!

I've learned patience with a new puppy. I forgot about my sweet Zoe Lou! She came into our lives in February and has been going nonstop since. I pray that she calms down soon. Mia is adjusting and loves having a buddy.

I just want a healthier and happier year in 2008! I'll take it one day at a time!
Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for dropping in and reading my blog from time to time!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Now this saddens me.....

And it worries me too.

WWJD? Or more importantly, what would He think?

Thursday, December 27, 2007

We're alive....barely

-We made it through Christmas. Now I have some sort of stomach bug and Maeve is having signs of having it too. Ugh. Can 2007 just go away already? I want to be WELL!

-Since I've been sleeping A LOT and am trying to get well, my house is pretty much trashed. I've been letting the girls play with all of their toys. They are everywhere. At least I can pretty much rest easy and not feel so guilty about having them couped up with me. At least they are having fun and enjoying themselves. Though I think if we have to stay indoors tomorrow, I will seriously harm myself. ;)

-I hope to get to the gym tomorrow. I seriously need to work out. NOW. It's been a month since I've seen a gym (though I've worked out here at home). Can you believe that?

-New music and choreography have arrived, so expect more "I'm so stressed out" posts from me in the upcoming weeks.

-I've watched more TV in the last 2 days than I have all year. I've decided that I miss watching the early morning talk shows. I'll have to tune in more often.

-On a TV note, I'm desperately missing FNL right now. I know that there are only 6 new episodes in the new year (damn writers' strike!), but I can't wait to see them. Oh, and I'm having some MAJOR Taylor withdrawals! I hope that he comes back to Austin and the gym SOON! ;)

-Richard is LOVING his new job. LOVING IT. I don't think he minds the drive at all. He's so damn hyped up every evening when he comes home. I get to hear all about it!

-Kyra is going to drive me insane during these 2 weeks that she's home. INSANE. She's so bored. I need to take her to a friend's or something. Thank God she has a sister. They've played really well together and have left me alone for the most part.

-I really want to take a vacation for Christmas one year. I want to leave all of the drama How great would that be? I'd mail/give gifts a month early and say, "Here ya go! See ya!" :)

-All of these commercials/ads for New Year's Eve are making me tired. We stay HOME every year! It's no different from any other night for us. Oh, and again, is it 2008 yet?

-Expect a doozy of a recap of the year very soon. So much has happened this year. I won't elaborate now because my head is already spinning. It doesn't need to spin any more than it already is! ;)

I'm OUT!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cutest thing ever.....

This is a magnet that Maeve made at school and gave us for Christmas. I love it. Her smile is perfect and she looks so darn festive! I really lucked out by dressing her in red that day! I had no idea!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hello, goodbye....

Saturday night was Richard's last night to work at Spansion (formerly AMD). About a month ago, he went to a job fair at Samsung and got an interview in the same day. The day before Thanksgiving we got a call that he got hired! He started today (one day off between funny is that?). Yes, it's in north Austin and it's a bit of a drive, but I think the pros outweigh the cons. This is exactly what he's been waiting for.

He was at his previous job for 10 1/2 years and just didn't see any growth happening for himself or the company anymore. With this new job, he knows that he'll be here for a long time. We aren't going anywhere (except to north Austin if we decide to move one day!). We love it where we live though and the schools are great, so we'll stay put for a while....maybe forever. Who knows.

So go out there and buy some Samsung products! LOL! ;)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Friday nights of yore.....

I thought I would fill you all in as to how I spent my Friday nights as a kid. My mom was OBSESSED with these two shows. "Dallas" came on at 8:00 and "Falcon Crest" came on at 9:00. We were so happy to stay up till 10:00! LOL!

My mom was also hooked on "Guiding Light" through the years and my sister and I still watch that soap to this day. She's very religious and tapes it, but I just catch it every so often. It's nothing that I set my DVR for. It's gotten pretty ridiculous lately.

I miss 80's TV. *sigh*

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Filthy mouth.....

Maeve is at the computer. It's been giving us error messages all day. Something's not right. She can't play her game.

All of a sudden I hear her say,

"Oh sh!t!"

Hmmmmm.....wonder where she heard that polite little word?


Monday, December 10, 2007

She's sooooooo TWO!

Conversation with Maeve today:

Me: "So Maeve, does anyone get in trouble at school?"

Maeve: "Yeah."

Me: "Who honey?"

Maeve: "Katie does."

Me: "Well, what does Katie do?"

Maeve: "She hits! She hits!"

Me: "I see. Maeve, I hope you don't do that. You're a good girl, right?"

Maeve: "Yeah."

***Lord, I hope she's telling me the truth. I have yet to get a bad report from her teachers. They act like they love her! LOL! I find it absolutely amazing that this kid remembers all that goes on at school and that she tells me. Oh how I wish I were a fly on the wall in that classroom!

Tonight, Kyra walked by Maeve and Maeve was in the way and she fell on the floor. Kyra insisted it was an accident.

Maeve: "I fell down! I fell down!"

Then I hear a big pause....

Maeve: "You're going to be in big trouble, Kyra!"

Oy! This kid kills me. I swear her vocabulary has doubled within the last month. I can't believe the words that are coming out of her mouth! Amazing!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Have you seen my elf?

Here he is in all his glory!

And NO Kimmy. Unfortunately, you can't make him into a stripper! ;)

Christmas tunes.....

Just sharing old favorites that I like to listen to every year.....

1.) "Christmas Canon"- Trans-Siberian Orchestra
2.) "Silver Bells"- Elvis Presley
3.) "Song For A Winter's Night"- Sarah McLachlan
4.) "Silent Night"- Enya
5.) "O Holy Night"- Celine Dion
6.) "Veni Veni (O Come, O Come Emmanuel)"- Mannheim Steamroller
7.) "Silent Night"- Trans-Siberian Orchestra (such a pretty of my favorites)
8.) "Pretty Paper"- Willie Nelson
9.) "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring"- Josh Groban
10.) "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"- Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan
11.) "The Lord's Prayer"- The Irish Tenors
12.) "Ave Maria"- Celine Dion
13.) "Auld Lang Syne"- Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin
14.) "The Little Drummer Boy"- Johnny Cash and Neil Young

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

It's the most wonderful time of the year.....

Random rants:

-Our camera is gone. I have no idea where it is. The last time we had it in our possession was on Thanksgiving Day. I'm pretty sure my lovely, drunk husband left it on the back bumper of the suburban or something and it's long gone. So guess what we'll be getting for Christmas? ;)

-On that note, Kyra is missing BOTH front teeth and I have to get a camera to take pics of the cutest little mouth that I have ever seen!

-I HATE online photo processing. I usually use Walmart and upload online and have issues. Yesterday, I decided on a whim to use Target. Guess what? I went there this morning and the lady said, "They didn't print." WTF? First off, they should have been ready yesterday. I did ONE HOUR. Then they weren't ready this morning either? When did ONE HOUR turn into TWO DAYS? She said that I'll be getting a discount when I pick them up. Yeah, it had better be a HUGE discount! Like I should get them FOR FREE!

-My first born really ticked me off this morning. First of all, she didn't want to wear the shirt that we picked out last night. Ugh. Then she wrote me TWO letters this morning. One was about shirts and how she thought that wearing turtle necks wasn't appropriate for any season because it's too hot. The other letter said something to the effect that she hates it when she comes home from school sometimes because she feels like she's in jail. W.T.F.? I asked her why she felt that way. She said that sometimes we all argue. I explained to her that just because we don't all get along doesn't mean that we don't love each other. I asked her if everyone at school gets along. She said, "no, not always." Well, there ya go. People disagree. Life sucks. ;)

-My Les Mills stuff still hasn't arrived. It should have arrived last week. They gave me a tracking number yesterday and I entered it in and it said that my package was in Salt Lake City. This morning, it said that my package was in Denver. W.T.F.? It's supposed to ship from Fort Worth! If I don't get it today in the mail, they are getting ANOTHER phone call from me.

-Doctors don't understand. I got a friendly phone call from one last night and he is hesitating to do anything with me until we get clearance from the cardiologist. I wanted a steroid shot. The cardiologist recommended it. I guess the doctor out here doesn't understand that things are FINE in the heart department. I'm fighting off a virus....a NASTY one. I'm very anemic. I need some iron. Oh, and iron comes in really LOW dosages. A friend of mine is anemic and gave me the name of what she's using. So I called the doctor AGAIN and begged for it. Hopefully, they will call it in. Geez! All I want is a little help here!

-My lovely, dear husband locked his keys in the car in Austin at Lowe's this morning. Who comes to his rescue? You're looking at her! Why are men so stupid?

-Maeve wants EVERYTHING in Target. EVERYTHING. I've never heard so many, "I want that's" in my life. Oy! And then right before we were getting ready to check out, she had a meltdown. I threatened to put away what she really wanted. Bribery always works! :)

-I really need to get out and at least take a walk around the block today. But right now, I want to take a nap instead. ;) I love my sleep these days!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Give me a break!

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately. We've been busy. And then this week happened. It's one I'd rather forget.

A few weeks ago, I got a rash. I went into the doctor and he thought that it might be fifth disease (something that school kids typically get). There's a blood test to test for it now, so I went ahead and did that. It was positive. I also had major joint pain with it (which is typical when adults get it). I really thought that I was getting better.

Then I gained 15 lbs. in 2 weeks! I am full of fluid! They think that the fluid is just a reaction from the virus and that I'm just going through the viral process. But I've been to a cardiologist too because my heart rate is so low. And my blood pressure is high. I'm also anemic (which I pretty much knew). But everything checks out ok with my heart.

So the guessing game continues. We've already ruled out a slew of other things like mono, hepatitis, lyme, etc. And my thyroid is FINE through all of this. The doctor did put me on diuretics and they are slowly taking the water weight off. I just hope that it doesn't come back. I'm thinking of asking for a steriod shot this week to boost my immune system.

I think I just want to take some time off. I'm so self-conscious about the way I look right now. The last thing I want to do is go to the gym. I just want my body to heal.

So I'm scrambling to get subs for the next few weeks. I need to rest. I need to take care of myself. I won't push myself anymore. I just want to take care of my body and get well for Christmas!