Sunday, April 20, 2008

Updates on us.....

I thought I'd fill you all in as to what's been happening around here lately. It's really nothing too big, but as I always say, "a boring life is good life." ;)

Richard is loving his job. He's really good at what he does and is learning a lot. He's working nights on the back half of the week again (Wed., Thurs., Fri., and every other Saturday night). He is taking the Toll to work and can't wait till it's totally finished all the way to our house! Right now, he's taking it from 71 to Parmer. He said that it takes him about 20 minutes from there! Hopefully the next phase from 71 to 183 will be finished soon. Eventually, they'll have a strip of it from 183 to 35 too.....just north of here. He'll hop right on and never have to get off! We are on the TxTag bandwagon now too. So weird.

Richard is having surgery this Friday on his nose. Remember 2 years ago when he went in for this surgery and they discovered that his heart was messed up and that opened a whole new can of worms and he had to get his heart fixed? Yeah, well now he's FINALLY having that nose surgery where it was discovered! LOL! It's an outpatient surgery and he'll be uncomfortable for a few days. But he'll finally be able to breathe! He has a LOT of cartilage in there now that has to be uncomfortable for him. Poor guy. I know he's anxious to get it done.

Kyra is great. I can't believe that it's almost the end of 1st grade! WOW! Where did the time go? Kyra's daddy taught her to ride her bike without training wheels a few weeks ago. She's EVERYWHERE now. She's lost numerous teeth this year. She's looking forward to summer and swimming and doing a kids' camp for an entire week. She's reading so well. She's always willing to learn more and LOVES school. I can't believe how far she's come since August. It's amazing.

Maeve is in preschool two days a week and loves it. She's made so many little friends. She's learned songs and sings them at home all the time. It's so darn cute! Before Spring Break, Maeve decided (with a little push from us) to finally potty train. She's a champ at that now. I can't get over the vocabulary this kid has. She's VERY vocal. But at the same time, she's still my baby and loves to cuddle with her mama. She still has her beautiful blue eyes, but her blond hair is now getting darker.....just as we thought it would. Richard had sandy blond hair as a baby too and then it darkened. I just love watching all of the changes in her.

The dogs are fine. They have a love/hate relationship. Mia is now 8 and Zoe is a year old. Mia is her lazy self. Zoe is a hyper little dog, but is SLOWLY calming down. I took them both to the vet last week. Mia weighs her usual 8.4 lbs., but Zoe is already up to 8 lbs.! I laugh at them both because once 7:00 comes around, they are looking for beds. Mia usually settles down in her crate or in our bed. However, Miss Zoe goes to bed with Kyra. A while back, Kyra verbally asked Jesus for a dog that would sleep with her. I guess that He answered her prayers and sent us Zoe for a reason! LOL!

As for me, I'm doing good. I have good days and bad ones. Lately, I've had more energy than usual. I'm still teaching one Body Flow class a week and subbing Body Step when I can. The other days, I either take classes at the gyms or run here in our little town. I love it. On Fridays, I've been volunteering at Kyra's school library. I love that. Maeve does too. She goes with me and "helps" too. I just have to keep my thyroid condition in check. I pay attention to what's going on with my body and go to the doctor when I need to. I'm seeing an endocrinologist soon for a 2nd opinion. I just want to be on top of this. I've gained a few lbs. recently and just want to look and feel my best! So off to another doctor I go!

We have done A LOT of remodeling to our house recently. We put pergo floors everywhere except the kitchen, bathrooms, and the girls' rooms. We have tile in the kitchen and bathrooms. The girls' rooms are still carpeted. We have painted walls in our living room and will do more there and in the kitchen. We closed in our carport and made it a garage. Richard put a gate beside the house there so you can't even see toward the backyard. It's awesome. I love our new look. We will continue to slowly paint more inside and maybe paint the outside next year. We also want to get new living room and dining room furniture. We shall see when that happens.

So, that's it. We are just enjoying life and taking one day at a time. Please drop me a line and let me know how life is treating you! :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

And so it begins.....

Kyra is talking to a friend of hers on the phone as I type. She got her number yesterday at school, brought it home, put it on the fridge, and just dialed her number to try and set up a playdate for next week. As it turns out, she wants to come over tomorrow instead! LOL! And that's fine. Kyra's bus driver is her mom! So it works out perfect that she can just drop the both of them off anyway!

I guess next will be keeping an address book with phone numbers. Oy! Am I really ready for this? Kimmy, help me! LOL! ;)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More house pics.....

This is our newly painted wall in the living room. It's our "accent" wall. All of the other walls will be painted a lighter khaki color.

This is the new tile in the front/girls' bathroom. The same tile is in our master bathroom. But I didn't post pics of it yet because it's not nearly as neat right now! ;)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

But we were here FIRST!

According to a new astounding report, we are living in the 20th fastest growing county in the US.

When we moved out here 5 years ago, there was an HEB and

Now it just seems like we are part of Austin all over again. *sigh*

Friday, April 04, 2008

Drumroll please......

The view of our living room and kitchen from our front door. There used to be a table in the area between the sofas and the bar stools, but we wanted more room here, so we actually decided to use our dining room now! It's in there now! No more computers in there! WOOOHOOO!

And oh yeah, the sofas will probably be GONE by the end of the year. Hello leather! :)

The floor in our bedroom. Eventually we will get new bedroom furniture.

Sorry I haven't been around to blog in a while. The truth is, I've been around, but I have found things to do AWAY from the computer (imagine that?). LOL! I wanted to post a few pics of the floors. I'll post more of the tile in the bathrooms and the kitchen and more of our NEW garage very soon!

Have a great weekend!