Monday, June 29, 2009

She's a funny bunny, but this one takes the cake....

Kyra was in San Antonio all day with a friend, so I took just Maeve with me to the gym this afternoon. I love having just Maeve in the car because she notices so much when she's not sitting there bickering with Kyra.

I notice some Army vehicles in front of us. She's in the back and there's no way she can see them. But as luck would have it, we exited off of the interstate and they were now on the left of us.

She points and starts hollering, "Sloppy joes! Sloppy joes!"


I ask her what the heck she's talking about.

Again, she yells, "Sloppy joes! You know the guys in those vehicles....they're sloppy joes!"

Um, no Maeve.

I think she meant to say, "G.I. Joe" lmao!

Funniest.thing.ever. Love.her.

Maeve's PINK room....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday, June 05, 2009

Things that only Maeve would say.....

Yesterday, Bri, Kyra, Maeve and I were sitting and eating at Subway. Maeve sees a man sitting and eating alone. He has on one of those flourescent vests.

Maeve: "That man is eating all by himself."

Me: "I know."

Maeve: "And he works at Walmart."

Me: "No Maeve, I think that particular vest means that he's a construction worker."



Then today, we are in Hobby Lobby and all had to use the restroom. Maeve comes in the stall with me. To my horror, she says, "Hey mommy, how come when you wipe sometimes there's red stuff, but right now there's not any?"


Luckily, there was nobody else in there at the time.

That kid.

Monday, June 01, 2009

I taught my Monday afternoon class today and saw a member enter the room who I hadn't seen in a while. Of course, I expressed concern and asked how she was and where she had been. I thought I'd get a reply like, "Oh, I've been out of town." or "Oh, I've just been busy." This was not the case though. A while back, she took one of her regular instructor's classes. Only, that instructor was out and had a sub. This sub was from the north side of town and clearly HATED the fact that she had to drive south and teach a class.

It only gets worse from there. She complained when members were late and said that hers "never were". When class started, she acted as if she were God and everyone had to work their asses off and do what she was doing WITHOUT options. In.a.Body.Flow.class.

Well, the member that I'm speaking of ending up injuring herself in class that day.....all because of an instructor who stared her down and expressed her disapproval and said that she "needed to do more to get results." Ugh. I know that she could have just done what she wanted to do, but she was clearly bullied. And this my friends, is wrong. SO.VERY.WRONG. We are instructors and we should coach our members in a way that makes them comfortable. We are there for them, not vice versa. I always tell my members that they should pay attention to how they are feeling and what their bodies are telling them. They should never push past their limits. That should be how it is in every class at the gym.

This member had to endure 2 grueling sessions of physical therapy. She was away from the gym for at least a month. This is a long time for those that attend regular classes and depend on a class like Flow to improve their well-being. Not to mention that they basically "lose" a month out of their membership.

I don't know who else knows about this incident. I'm going to break my silence and let some higher up's know what happened. I feel like I'm obligated to. I don't want this to happen to anyone else either. And who knows, maybe it already has. In any case, I feel like our Director needs to know what's going on.

I hope I'm doing the right thing....