Thursday, April 30, 2009

From the mouths of 2nd graders.....

Quotes overheard on the field trip to the butterfly farm today....

-"Those aren't deer tracks. Those are MOOSE tracks!"

-"What day is it again? What's the date?" (They had booklets to fill out and their teacher had already repeated the date like 5 times. Wanna know who wasn't listening? The male species! Figures!)

-"I hear a bear! It's a bear!" (Nope, it was an airplane flying overhead.)

-"I just saw a raccoon!" (Um, no you didn't.)

-"We're hungry! Is it lunch yet?" (This was 5 minutes after we arrived.)

Oy. We had a wonderful time though! I really did enjoy some "Kyra" time! :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

25 random things about Richard......(this oughta be good, well maybe)

1.) Richard was born on July 7, 1977. I really thought that he was going to be lucky when we went to Vegas in August of '99. No such luck. We also haven't won the lottery. YET. ;)
2.) Richard is utterly obsessed with Craig's List. He has a nasty spending habit if there's anything that resembles "a deal" out there.
3.) Richard can turn trash into treasure. He flipped a boat. It was a piece of crap. It took months, but he made it look beautiful again. This, my friends, amazes me.
4.) Richard also has a problem when it comes to used cars. We don't own one for very long. I'm sure before you know it, we'll be driving something different again. I like to blame this on his dad. God rest his soul. ;)
5.) Richard shaved his head when he was a senior in high school. It was just growing back when we met. He got mad at what his girlfriend-at-the-time told him, so he did it to piss her off (and needless to say, that relationship didn't last). I saw pics of him. He.was.a.skinhead.
6.) Richard broke his hand when he was a senior in high school. He got mad at a girlfriend (do we see a trend here?) and punched his hand through a wall. Again, there are pics to prove it. In one of his senior portraits, his hand is incredibly swollen. Idiot.
7.) Richard and I met on a blind date (a mutual friend gave him my phone number). He called me and we talked several days before. The date was a disaster. I could tell right away. The next morning, his brother was in a wreck in the wee hours of the morning. Guess who he called when he found out about it? Yep. ME!
8.) Richard has done numerous paint jobs on cars and motorcycles. I yelled at him so much when he worked on a motorcycle because I wanted to make sure he had a mask on at.all.times. That paint smells badly enough to cause cancer (I swear).
9.) Richard loves Texas country music. I got him hooked. ;)
10.) Richard brought home both of our dogs without consulting with me first. I'm kind of glad that he did it that way. He did good!
11.) Richard is NOT the romantic, thoughtful type. He just isn't. But there are other things that he does that make me love him so much!
12.) Richard spoils the girls. A LOT. I don't think that he was spoiled as a kiddo, so he's making up for it now.
13.) Richard stuttered as a kid and hated to read. He said that he didn't get interested in reading till he discovered the magazines that had remoted controlled airplanes in them. That was probably closer to 5th grade. Sad. He's amazed at Kyra's love of reading. She sure doesn't get it from him. ;)
14.) Richard was in the ER A LOT as a kid. His mom once described him as "an accident waiting to happen...."
15.) Richard (Lee) is named after his grandfathers. His maternal grandfather's name was Richard and his paternal grandfather's name is Leroy.
16.) Richard loves his Miller Lite....sometimes a little too much! ;)
17.) Richard loves growing tomatoes and loves making salsa. That's the BEST thing about summertime to him!
18.) Richard loves to fish. He just wishes that he had more time to do it.
19.) Richard also loves boating, jet skiing, etc. His mom says that he was in a pool of water as soon as his umbilical cord fell off. I believe it. He loves water.
20.) Richard's favorite place to hang out is his 16x18 shop. He worked so hard on it. It's a great room for him to do a number of things....his favorite being watching movies on surround sound.
21.) Richard can fix almost anything. And if he can't fix it, then something's really wrong with it! ;)
22.) Richard was born in San Antonio, Texas.
23.) Richard's mom and my mom both bowled on leagues in the morning when we were little. We both bet that we were in the same nursery at the bowling alley at one time or another. Wouldn't that have been weird?
24.) Richard once got so drunk at a wedding that he got up and "sang" a song with the band. It was beyond embarrassing. He really enjoyed himself though! ;)
25.) My husband is the most amazing person that I know. He's got it all....the good, the bad, and the ugly! Love you, hon!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Heart is heavy today.....

I got word earlier today that a fellow instructor's daughter passed away yesterday. She had a tumor on her brain stem. It was discovered in January. Up until then, this girl was healthy and a very active volleyball player. Then one day, she had dizziness and nausea, went into the doctor and got the dreaded news that changed her life forever. She was just 16 years old. I'm so sad. Many prayers for Ena and the entire Brent family.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

25 random things about Maeve......

1.) Maeve was conceived on the very first try. It took us 10 months to conceive Kyra. So as you can imagine, we were shocked.
2.) We found out that Maeve was a girl on December 15, 2004 via ultrasound. I was overwhelmed with joy. I always wanted 2 little girls.
3.) When we were in the hospital after Maeve was born, a lady down the hall had a prolapsed cord. Richard was wheeling Maeve back to the nursery for the night when he saw nurses and a woman on her hands and knees on a hospital bed whiz by. He said that it was like a scene straight out of a tv show or movie.
4.) I breastfed Maeve for almost 13 months. I'm very proud of that to this day. I had all kinds of formula issues with Kyra, so I was determined to make it work with Maeve. It is the most rewarding thing that I've ever done.
5.) Maeve still likes to cuddle when waking up in the morning. I attribute that to nursing for so long. I love her snuggles!
6.) Maeve's blonde hair and blue eyes amaze me to this day. I can't believe that she's my little girl! She's unique, yet very familiar. ;)
7.) A lot of people say that Kyra and Maeve look alike. I just don't see it.
8.) I heard Maeve's name in a doctor's office years ago. It was then that I decided that if I ever had another girl, her name would be Maeve.
9.) Maeve's giggles are my favorite sound. :)
10.) Maeve is now writing her name! It's not perfect, but it's a great start for an almost 4 year old!
11.) Maeve was not very fond of our dog Zoe when we got her. Now she loves Zoe! Zoe often goes to sleep with her.
12.) Maeve's most favorite thing to do is swing outside. She LOVES the swings!
13.) Maeve is dancing for the first time this year and LOVES it. She can't wait for recital!
14.) Maeve hates bugs and freaks out over the littlest bug! It's endearing and annoying all at the same time.
15.) Maeve loves wearing skirts. She would wear one of the year if I let her. She fights me tooth and nail when I ask that she wear something else.
16.) Maeve pronounces "computer" as "pacuter". It cracks me up.
17.) Maeve is a total daddy's girl. She follows Richard outside to watch him work on things and often wants to help him. She's his little "protege". She'll be welding and changing brakes in no time! ;)
18.) Maeve still loves Dora. I'm waiting for her to lose interest. lol!
19.) Maeve loves to pretend play. She has a dollhouse that she often plays with alone. I really enjoy listening to her made-up conversations with the dolls. They are too funny!
20.) Maeve is not a morning person. AT.ALL. She would stay up til midnight or later if we let her!
21.) Maeve very often falls asleep in our bed and one of us has to carry her to her room to her bed. I don't mind it, but it *is* getting old.
22.) Maeve adores her baby cousin, Brant. She told me this weekend that she wouldn't mind if I had a baby boy (which will NEVER happen) but that I have to name him Brant Thomas. lol!
23.) I've heard that Maeve is very well behaved at school. I'm still not sure I believe that! lol!
24.) We have really had to discipline Maeve more than we did with Kyra. She just requires much more. I am glad that we did it early with her. I think it might eliminate problems down the road.
25.) Maeve is such a blessing in my life. I enjoy being her mommy and love her with all my heart! :)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

25 random things about Kyra......

1.) Kyra was very colicky (I cringe at that word, though) as a baby. She probably had some reflux issues. We put her on an expensive formula and she was much happier. It broke our pocketbook though!
2.) Kyra cut her first tooth at 4 months old. That's VERY early!
3.) When Kyra was 2 years old, I noticed that one of her bottom baby teeth was chipped. Turns out, it was chipped down to the root, so we had the dentist extract it. She had a cute toothless grin from about age 2 to 5. We still have no idea what happened.
4.) Kyra still remembers her Granny (my grandmother) and talks about her all the time. Granny died when Kyra was 3 year old. I'm in awe that she remembers!
5.) Kyra is one of the most artistic children I know. She loves art. I attribute that to her pre-K teacher out at Hays Hills. Mrs. Rose was awesome!
6.) Kyra is very close to her Papoo (my dad). When he comes to visit, they go to breakfast together. And when we visit him, he takes her to his breakfast joint! :)
7.) Kyra's best friend in Kindergarten was Jayme. Jayme's daddy and Kyra's daddy went to high school together and both played baseball. Small world! Jayme has since moved back to Victoria and we miss her, but we still keep in touch! Jayme's mom and I are close friends now! :)
8.) Kyra is a very picky eater. For the first few years of her life, she was on the chicken nugget diet. She's still pretty picky, but has gotten better.
9.) Kyra loves High School Musical, Zac Efron, and the Jonas Brothers. *sigh*
10.) Kyra always said that she wanted a dog to sleep with at night. We got Zoe and she must have heard that because Zoe is the one that "tucks" Kyra into bed every night!
11.) Kyra has already read "Charlotte's Web". She loves to read. I am thankful for that!
12.) I really believe that Kyra has had the best teachers so far. BES teachers are wonderful!
13.) Kyra is a firm believer in getting homework done as soon as she gets home. I made that rule in Kindergarten. She chooses to still do that. Then she gets her free time!
14.) Kyra has gotten all A's this year. She loves school. One time she told me that she'd even go on weekends! She's so bored during the summer, so I have my work cut out for me!
15.) Kyra is in her 3rd year at the dance studio. This year she tried cheerleading and LOVES IT! I have never seen her so excited!
16.) Kyra loves her Nintendo DS. We had to get Maeve one too because they fought over it all the time. Our house is much happier now!
17.) Kyra really does love her little sister. She helps her out a lot. They fight, but it's not that often. Mostly, they are very caring and nurturing of each other. It's fun to watch.
18.) Kyra has gotten 2 "Kids of Character" awards at BES. In Kindergarten, she got one for "Caring" and now in 2nd grade, she got one for "Responsibility".
19.) Kyra is like her mother and spells very well. Thank goodness she doesn't take after her daddy who can't spell anything right! ;)
20.) Kyra was almost a "Kelsey", but I decided on "Kyra" with several months to go during my pregnancy with her. I wanted a unique, yet short and beautiful name.
21.) Kyra weighed 9 lbs. when she was born.
22.) Kyra's Religious Education teacher this year used to be a Catholic Daughter with me in Austin at our old church. Again, small world!
23.) Kyra's very best friend is adopted. And we love her to pieces!
24.) Kyra wants to be a teacher when she grows up. I think she'd make a great one!
25.) Kyra has a heart of gold! I'm so lucky to be her mommy! :)