Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A heavy heart.....

I hate to write about depressing things, but writing is therapy, right? That's just what I need right now.

I'm so saddened by the devastation left by Katrina. I feel a lot like I did after 9/11. I often turn on one of the news channels and just sit there....staring at the images with an enormous sick feeling. I want to turn off the TV, but I just can't. I feel so helpless. I can't imagine how those trapped must feel. I can't imagine how families that are waiting to hear word from their loved ones must feel. I can't imagine how those that fled and are seeing the horrific aftermath on TV of their own city must feel.

I sit here in silence. My kiddos are asleep. They have been bathed, fed, tucked in, hugged, and kissed. My husband is at work, but at least he has a job. We have a house and two working vehicles. We might not have the best of things, but we have luxuries that others do not have and might not have for a long time.

When I think about it being hot outside, I think about those that don't have a/c or electricity. When I packed Kyra's lunch for school tonight, I thought about those that have nothing to eat or drink. When I think to myself that I need to go to bed soon because Maeve might be up during the night, I think of those that haven't slept at all since this nightmare began.

All of my "problems" seem so small now. I pray to God that somehow, in some way, these people can piece their lives back together. My heart goes out to all of the people affected and my thanks goes to those helping them to safety.

You never know when the end is near so you should always let your loved ones know how you feel. So chances are if you are reading this, you know how much I love and care for you.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Green with envy.....

My friend Lynette emailed me this morning. Little background on her. I used to teach aerobics with her in my hometown when I first started teaching. She and I have remained friends through the years. She's been to hell and back (long story). Anyway, she got through it and now is enjoying life to the fullest. I'm so darn proud of her. She really is an inspiration to me.

Earlier this year she was in the Czech Republic and visited various countries around there. She emailed me this morning and said that she's in Tossa Del Mar, Spain! WOW! She said that she's getting a tan and is staying at a place overlooking the Meditteranean Sea. I'm so jealous. Hopefully I'll be able to see the world like she has one day. You go girl!

I emailed her back, but like I told her, my life seems boring compared to hers! LOL!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

More HEB tales....

I run into the store today to get Maeve some teething tablets. I was making my way next door to the nail place and thought I'd grab a magazine to read while I was getting a pedicure. I walk to the area where all of them are and notice that they have moved the stand where they have all of the loose candy that you just bag and weigh. They used to have them in the produce section (makes sense since that's where the scales are). But, now they are by the magazines (and that makes sense too because I'm sure many parents stop there and have kids with them that will want the candy). In any case, there was this kid that was taking pieces of candy and eating and eating and eating.....all while standing there and looking around. It was so obvious that he was "stealing" candy. I chuckled to myself and walked off. I don't know why I find happenings at the grocery store so interesting. Richard said that I just like to "people watch". Yeah, either that or it's the fact that I don't have kids with me and notice more things going on. I don't know. Our HEB is packed 24/7, so there's always someone to take note of.

Today Kyra hid a mini spider in a James Avery box and called it her "pet". I think the thing was dead in there from the get go. Anyway, she must have closed the box and smushed it. She was upset and said, "Look, I told you that I dead (killed) it." The way she says things sometimes cracks me up. When it's bright outside, she doesn't say, "It's bright outside." Instead she says, "It sure is glarey outside." LMAO! I love that kid.

Friday, August 26, 2005


Maeve decided that 4am would be a fine time to wake up this morning. When that happens, I usually just take it in stride and sit there and nurse her while I scroll through the DVR...trying to find something that will keep me awake. I forgot that I taped "Tommy Lee Goes To College" earlier in the week. I had missed a few episodes and wanted to get caught up. Let me first say that I don't particularly care for Tommy Lee. But this show is interesting to me. It's funny to see him "trying" to fit in on all aspects of college life. Of course they throw in the "hot tutor" for him to drool over too. He got a chance to march with the band at a football game and next week, he'll try to join a fraternity. While he never enrolled as a student at Nebraska, it still makes for some good TV. Well, maybe it's not "the best" reality show, but it's better than some other ones that are out there.

*yawn* I'm ready to go back to sleep now.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Roly poly....

Maeve rolled over last night. Richard and Kyra were at Cabela's and I just sensed that she would do it. I grabbed the camcorder and started shooting. I got it! Or so I thought. Richard came home and I just had to rewind it and show him. Nothing. Crap! Either the battery went dead or the tape ran out. I'm not sure. I was bummed last night so I didn't bother to check. LOL!

She did it so nonchalantly too. As if to say, "Well woman, if you'd just put me down sometimes I could show you a lot more tricks that I've got up my sleeve."

She did it again this morning. ;) My big girl. *sigh*

Sunday, August 21, 2005

I have a bone to pick....

Damn that Nick Jr. and Noggin! Whenever a new episode of a show is airing, they announce it like 2 weeks in advance. Hence Kyra gets all excited and becomes obsessed with watching it NOW. When she finds out that it's not on as soon as she'd like it to be, she cries. Ugh. Disney is a little better about it. They'll announce it a day or two in advance. That's better for me too because then I can remember to set the DVR to record it.

Speaking of DVRs, Richard needs to put his 10 hours of "Into The West" on videotapes. They are taking up precious room! LOL! Actually, we need to call Time Warner because Richard swears that you can now get a box that will allow you more recording space. 40 hours just isn't enough for us! ;)

I hope that there are some good shows on this fall. I think that they took my favorite one, "Committed" off of NBC. Sucks.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

My nearly 4 month old!

This is how I find Maeve in her crib when she wakes up. She's propped up on her elbows and looking around and "talking". She's quite the little chatterbox these days. She loves to hear her own voice. She hasn't rolled over yet, but she's getting there. Heck, I don't care. I love this age where she's NOT mobile yet. Last night, she laughed at me for about 5 minutes straight. I kept telling her that she was funny and she kept laughing. My heart was melting.

I haven't updated in a while. The first time I blogged this week, my computer decided to shut itself down. Grrrr! The second time I blogged, Kyra in her computer savy fashion, decided to just close the window. Guess her games are more important! LOL!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Celebrity musings....

-I heard that Christina Aguilera is dissing Britney Spears by saying that she's "let herself go" and won't have a career anymore after she has her baby. That might be true, but don't you think Miss Christina is trying to buy herself a little publicity with her comment as well? Ugh. What year are we in? Because this sounds sooooo 1999!

-Speaking of Mama Britney.....couldn't she dress herself up a little more these days? I don't think that she's completely "let herself go" but she's going to freak in a few years when she sees pics of herself with that bump. Those boots and short dresses are all she's photographed in! Surely she has enough money to buy some nice things. Oh wait. I heard that she was putting a rush on a new record because she's running out of money. So maybe she is shopping at garage sales. Who knows.

-Corey Clark of "American Idol" was being interviewed on a local radio station the other morning. Yep, he's using Paula Abdul's name to get his own out there. He wouldn't stop talking about her on the radio. It was kind of creepy.

-Kyra really likes Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl". She starts dancing like crazy every time it comes on the radio.

-Richard really likes Mariah Carey. LOL!

-I don't know who my choice of celebrity is. Any ideas?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

He did it!

Richard called me from work tonight. I was in the shower, so he left a message. I play it and he's yelling, "174! 174!" Then he hangs up. OK, what the heck does that mean? I went along my merry nightly routine with the girls and then called him back at work. Turns out that he weighed himself and he weighs 174! LOL!

If you've known Richard all his life, then you know that he's always been a string bean. He's 6 foot tall and was around 150-155 forever. Looks like Mr. Metabolism has finally caught up with him! YAY! Honestly, he's gone into "I need to work out because I feel so fat mode". I don't know why. He's a man.

I can't wait to diet again. I've lost all of my pregnancy weight, but I have another 10 or so pounds to go to get where I was when I was at my smallest on the diet. And dieting while breastfeeding is pretty much a joke. I don't have time to take a shower much less watch every little thing that I put into my mouth. I'm trying to eat healthy, but salads are getting old.

But I'll get there one day.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Kyra's brain....

Last night Richard and I were rolling because Kyra was jumping around singing and dancing to a song that she had made up. Just to make sure, I always ask her where she heard something or "got that from" as I say. Here's how the conversation went:

Me: "Kyra, that's a cool song. Where did you hear that? On TV? At school?"

Kyra: "No mommy. I just used my brain to make it up."


I swear we should have had it on video. It was hilarious how she said it.