Monday, June 29, 2009

She's a funny bunny, but this one takes the cake....

Kyra was in San Antonio all day with a friend, so I took just Maeve with me to the gym this afternoon. I love having just Maeve in the car because she notices so much when she's not sitting there bickering with Kyra.

I notice some Army vehicles in front of us. She's in the back and there's no way she can see them. But as luck would have it, we exited off of the interstate and they were now on the left of us.

She points and starts hollering, "Sloppy joes! Sloppy joes!"


I ask her what the heck she's talking about.

Again, she yells, "Sloppy joes! You know the guys in those vehicles....they're sloppy joes!"

Um, no Maeve.

I think she meant to say, "G.I. Joe" lmao!

Funniest.thing.ever. Love.her.

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Bri said...

That Maeve...gotta love her! :)